We Have Lost

March 31, 2023

The flight from Nairobi to London was longer than usual. I can never sleep on the flights, and that night was no different. All I could do is pray. Pray for Tobias to be healed. Pray for Phyllis and Dorothy to know that they are competent as our medical personnel. Pray for Mama Irene as she transported Toby to the nearest facility. Pray for my ministry partner, Fred, as we had just had a full week of ministry and had a list that still needed conquered.

As soon as the plane landed at Heathrow, I didn’t wait for the announcement; I turned on my phone with great expectation for a good report. This is what I read:

My heart sunk in my chest. The ‘bush baby’ who had defied so many odds couldn’t defeat malaria. MALARIA! I was angry that this disease is still ravaging lives across the world. I was disappointed that I didn’t pray for him at the clinic when he arrived with the others. I took for granted that he would beat it just like the others. I took for granted life! I was concerned for those traveling with me who had bonded with him during our trip. Yet, I was confident in a God that knows all and sees all. The Sovereign God whom I serve.

Since Tobias was an orphan and under our care, an autopsy needed to be done. It was confirmed that he passed away from malaria complications. The first death of child under Harvest of Hope Africa’s care. Tobias was a first! The first baby we rescued in the bush-literally! The first baby to appear so strong on the outside yet weak on the inside. The first baby for DSM’s blog. There has to be a reason for that. I never do anything without the Spirit’s prompting. The Tobias blog was started by the Holy Spirit’s nudging, who knew that I would be struggling to write as the tears ran down my face.

Again, I say to you, my God is Sovereign. Faith really does make THE difference!

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