Missions FAQs

General Missions FAQs

What kind of work will I be doing?
Projects vary by team. Visit our Upcoming Trips page to see which projects are happening.

What is the cost of a DSM Missions trip?
Costs vary by country, length of stay, etc. Please contact Deedra Shilliday Ministries for a general estimate.

Do I need a passport? A visa?
Yes, passports are required for travel to any  country.  Most countries will issue visas to DSM teams upon entry. Each team member is responsible for the cost of purchasing a passport and visa (not included in the DSM trip). Deedra Shilliday will assist you throughout this process.

Which vaccinations are recommended? Do I need to get a rabies vaccination? Do I need to take malaria medicine?
We  recommend that immediately upon approval of your application, you consult your local health department or family physician to determine which vaccinations and medications will be needed. If you are traveling to Africa, you must have a yellow fever vaccination.

Where do I send my payments? Do I (and/or my supporters) pay by check or online?
All Missions Team Members and supporters may submit payments by cash, check or credit card. All checks should be made payable to Deedra Shilliday Ministries and have your name written on the memo line,

Checks may be sent to:
Deedra Shilliday Ministries     1215 Township Road 1433          Ashland, OH 44805
Please do not send cash in the mail.
You may submit a credit card payment online. Supporters may also make donations online using your name in the text box.

When do I need to send out my support letters?
Once you have been approved to join the team, please begin raising funds right away. We recommend that team members allow at least three months to raise funds. In addition, it is advised that you begin gathering addresses as far in advance as possible. When considering whom to invite to support your Missions Trip, here’s a tip: form a list of individuals, churches, and organizations that you would invite to your wedding/graduation or other special event.

Will I have medical insurance?
All DSM team participants are required to have travel insurance to cover emergency medical care and, in the case of a major medical need, evacuation. This medical insurance will be arranged and purchased by a Deedra Shilliday. The premium for this insurance is included in the cost of your trip.

Is there safe drinking water?
Yes. Team members generally drink store-bought, bottled water. If not store-bought, drinking water is boiled and filtered.

What is the average temperature in the summer?
Please visit the CIA World Factbook website for each country to learn more about the country’s climate and geography.

Is there a dress code?
Yes. Once accepted you will learn more about the dress code for each country. Please review this carefully before packing, as it is a primary way of communicating respect in each country.

Team FAQs

Will there be Missions Team training? What kind?
The amount and nature of training will vary depending on the type of trip. If you live in the same area as your fellow team members, periodic team meetings which include training, preparation, and team building are strongly encouraged. If not, regular email/telephone communication and ZOOM participation will be essential in preparing for your trip.

Do I need to be a Christian to participate on a DSM trip?
Yes! Each team member must understand that he or she is embarking on a mission’s trip with a Christian organization, which requires to taking part in Bible-based activities. We cannot compromise the ministry efforts of Deedra Shilliday Ministries by outwardly exhibiting any contradictions to DSM’s Vision, Mission and Values.

What is the age requirement to participate in a DSM Team trip?
Participants must be at least 15 years old to participate on a Missions Team. Children ages 9 to 14 must travel with a parent or legal guardian. If a participant under the age of 18 is traveling without a parent or legal guardian, their parent or legal guardian must complete a notarized Affidavit of Temporary Guardianship which Deedra Shilliday will carry during international travel.

How do I join a Missions Team?

Become A Team Member
You can join a DSM Missions Team as a Team Member on a scheduled trip by filling out the form on the Upcoming Trips Page. Deedra Shilliday will connect with you and the DSM board will consider your application and help you prepare for the possible trip. As a Missions Team Member, you are responsible for interacting with your Deedra Shilliday to receive training materials, and you are required to attend scheduled team meetings. Please visit the Upcoming Trips page to view future opportunities.