• Approved ACSI instructor providing CEUs for accreditation
  • Certified by the Evangelical Training Association
  • Ordained minister credentialed by the Assemblies of God


Transformational Leadership

A four session seminar designed to help leaders mature spiritually through the use of their God-given gifts to serve others and the community.  Each session seeks to empower leaders through the discovery of their purpose and meaning.  In addition, spiritual disciplines are implemented to guard against one-sided spirituality.  Hoping to unite the mind and the heart of leaders, an integration of the material and spirituality is the desired outcome for their hands of ministry.

Leadership –God’s Way

Leadership has simply been defined as influence.  If leadership equals influence, then all women have the opportunity to lead others.  Mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and friends–you can do all things through Christ.  This conference will provide you with a map to get where God wants you to be His way.

ACTually Love

A leadership enrichment based on the Book of  Acts, which is filled with lessons and living examples of the work of the Holy Spirit. It is the perfect example of  how to imitate Christ and produce various kinds of love acts.  These actions in turn build unity as the community is ACTUALLY heard, valued, and loved.   Sessions include the Acts of Love—Community, Acts of Listening—Communication, and Acts of Leading—Conflict Resolution.

Lessons from the Desert

This conference is an inspirational time of transparency and truth.  There are eight sessions designed to quench the thirst for God’s eternal promises.  Learning to accept our desert times as part of our spiritual journey one can appreciate the wasteland instead of wasting the times God has provided to make us more like Him.

Friends of God

This is a six session seminar that ends with a celebration of friendship.  Using biblical examples, the first part is focused on friendship while the second half shares mentoring lessons.  From Ruth and Naomi to Jesus and his disciples, participants discover how to be a friend and enjoy their friendship with God.

How Beautiful

A purity conference featuring a fashion show, games, and a message from the heart.  While the event is very delightful, it dares women to acknowledge the insecurities and faulty thinking of trying to gain love by the way we dress. With humor and truth, ladies of all ages are renewed as they develop a habit of seeking God’s approval instead of man’s.



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