A March Meeting

March 23, 2023

We finally met! This is Chelci, a missions-hearted friend, who named me. She calls me “Toe-by-is” but everyone in Kenya says, “Tob-e-us”. Tomato, tomaato! She was everything I imagined–caring, kind, and comfortable. I cuddled with her for hours!

Chelci, Annie, and Kimberly came with Mama Deedra this time. They brought toys for the bigger kids at Under His Wings Babies Home. And, guess what? They didn’t just give them to us; they stayed and played with everyone. It was a special visit even though some of my friends are sick with malaria. It is the rainy season, and those of us who haven’t developed an immunity often get sick. In fact, Rachel hasn’t gone to school all week. But, she seemed to feel lots better when our guests arrived. I think she was modeling the new clothes Chelci brought.

I hope they come back to visit before they go home!

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